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Are you tired of pushing a Wheelchair and pulling a Basket? What you need is a Wheelchair Shopping Basket! Order one NOW

    We are really excited about our new product thatís going into the market place. This product will make caregivers shopping trips so much nicer and less tiring.

     Caregivers you no longer have to push a Wheelchair and pull a basket when you go shopping. The product you need is a Wheelchair Shopping Basket this basket goes on the back of the Wheelchair, after it is installed, you go on your way.

    It is a plus, if you have a ramp or a lift for your vehicle. Then you can install it in the house, into the vehicle, and on to the store you can go.

    Our Shopping Basket designed also for those who could use some assistance with their shopping.

    If you are interested in our product and you need to order one, please click here.

Shopping Basket